Tuesday, January 8, 2013

looking back 2012.

well i've been disappear for so long and leaving my blog so outdated.
today let's have a look what i had going through during 2012, my sweet 18 :)

i was waiting for my spm result in the beginning of 2012 and then after i got my result i was waiting for the form 6 school reopen. so, i had almost 6 months of holiday x) 
as usual during chinese new year i went back to my home town for 4 days and after that came back to kuantan accompanied my family to visit to relatives' place. and AS USUAL the fo guang gang, we visit each of the house one by one which really fun and awesome!  
by the way, my cny last year was kinda meaningful since my best friend, Roy came back kuantan for 1 week with his family. and we met and hang out when he had his time here in kuantan. we went shopping and back to my place after that. we went night market near my house and he said its been a while he never had m'sia food x) we bought some food and had it at the playground near the night market! ohh yea it wasn't only me and Roy but Upshzara too! :D and Tong Chan joined after that. we watched horror movie in my room at night. i really did enjoy the time spent with him here. awww i miss him :(

after cny i went for a part time job as a sales clark at PMB. well i don't really like that job but i did learnt, like how to communicate with the customers, your colleague and your manager. and i did very close to all my colleagues there although they are so much elder than me :P i really thank them and appreciate what they'd taught me :)

after 2 months of part time job i went kl witth EngJee and stayed over at Linda's place. of course, SHOPPING CHATTING GOSSIP GIRLS' TALK  :D

well about my lower six life. you know what. I LOVE MY L6S4. hahaha they're all cool awesome and brilliant classmates :D we did always outing together or having dinner before tuitions. :)

Fo Guang gang came to my house during CNY :)

me and Roy :D BFF!

having fun at the playground :P like a child hahaha!

having fun at kl with engjee and linda. my beloved cousin bro accompany me shopping too ^^

lower 6 orientation week
outing with my classmates :D
awwww my cute new born niece :D

outing with my cousins, qiao shuang and chongli's classmates :)

we are always the BFF 三剑客!
surprise birthday celebration for Janet's 18th birthday!
i joined the 2012 International Buddha's Light Young Adult Conference at Fo Guang Shan Taiwan
i did wish to be there one day but i didn't know that i could make it so fast. i really appreciate venerable Shih Yi Qing to allow me to join :) so yeaaa i went with Janet Wilson Suyee Minghui and Weijie and of course the others youths from all over Malaysia
and Fo Guang Shan is really big and so., errr it cant be described in words but you could really feel the determination in master venerable Hsing Yun to spread the Buddhism :') its really an awesome and a must visit place! got to know a lots of youths from all over the world and got to be good friends with them ^^ like phy, sabrina, stac, frank and a lots more and we are still keep in touch now! well i miss them so much! cherished the moment i had with themin july 2012.

taken in Buddha Memorial Center :)

they are all Taiwan youths. from right: Mango, Guo Jian, opps i forgot her name  :( and lastly Joshua Jun Yu :D

Ed Youk, Jonathan, Guillaume and Gilbert are youths from Paris :) and Lenny is from Sydney ^^

Chimy from Vancouver, George from California, Frank from Melbourne, Phynicia and Stacey from Toronto :D
me with the Taipei 101 :D YAY!
yo! Shilin Night Market! FOOD HUNT !

and few weeks later i back from taiwan i went Singapore under school event, Stjohn twinning program
Eng Jee. Jan Wai. Me. Li Yee

at Marina Bay Sands
Li Yee. Arthur. Allan. Melvin. Eng Jee

Universal studio. Jan Wai, Li Yee , Me :D

 MY 18th birthday :D hahah I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
fo guang gang gave me a surprise birthday in advanced. they arranged everything with my parents :O hahaha anyway i still appreciate it and thank you! :D muackks!
and my gang too! thanks babes! thanks for everything! i love you girls like no body else!!
the fo guang gang
my babes! :D
my bestie and her boy, my bro! x)

yew fang and yee tiong! late birthday lunch hahaha!
xie xie ni men! :)

and zhao ann too :D teeedeee! happy birthday to myself and to him  too.
august babe!

yay! me janet n vitamin are the B group. no wonder we are so close! :P
we donated blood!
thanks for coming buddies! :)

awww! my beloved cutie handsome nephew Alvis
 a farewell dinner for Shalini before she left to Czech to further her studies.

Shalini :) 
luwei's 18 th birthday :D

Marvellous Malaysia by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. 24/11/12

celebrate khahong's birthday with his classmates

surprise celebration for his 18th with fo guang gang!

Marvellous Malaysia by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. 24/11/12

eunhyuk-kwang shean. yonna-esther. yoseop-janwai. ryanhige-nicole :D hahah

Pegasus., :D First Aid Prefect Team Building Course :)
sixers :D

learnt a lot. but felt a bit guilty. im like didn't help that much to reduce Han's stress :( well im just not that satisfied with i'm like didnt did the best. but overall everything is still alright. most of the participants were very new and young. oppps. im old :( hahhaha. and after the camp was over quite a number of them were willing to come back help. im glad to see that :D hahaha. well kinda like a friend with peijie laoshi after this year aiwo. he's really good in talking with mic which i hope i can do it ._. mic-fright? LOL~~

breakfast before the camp start! 
Qiu Han. Pei Jie lao shi. Me
accompanied the youths from malacca, Gavin and Randy beofre leaving kuantan :)

i can say i did really enjoyed my 18th! and i really felt i LIVE~ xD i meant i really make my eighteen filled with memories and did what i wanna to do! THIS IS WHAT I CALLED LIFE! :D 
of course, good things happened and at the same time sad things would happened in life. just ups and downs in my eighteen. 
i lost a friend, a little brother who i got to know him since he was 9. i watched him growth. not gonna to talk much on this. but this really took time for me to be alright. attended the prayers and his funeral. the worst feeling i ever had. no matter what, i will not forget him. the warmth of his smile will forever in my heart. you're always with us Gab. :) 
RIP Gabriel.
so yea. my 2012. my eighteen.
with love, 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

April. The Days With Babes

went kl with engjee and we stayed at linda's place for 4days.
shopping everyday. breakfast lunch dinner together. bed talking veryday before slept :D

had korean cuisine as our dinner at Hanwori :)

handsome cousie accompanied me shopping *wooooow! :D*

chilling before leaving

it's been a while. hello playground :)
morning sunshine!
wondering how's my 18th gonna be ...